Regarding the information we ask you for when you register to HomeSwapper: this is necessary for our matching engine, which will help find you properties based on your search criteria, and also those who are interested in your property, as a 2-way match. The only details that are shared with other tenants are the property details that you fill out for your advert, and, if you have chosen to share them, your contact details.

Regarding council tax banding, and tenancy type: these questions were introduced based on tenant feedback, which told us that tenants would like to see this information when viewing adverts, so it is now included. If you do not know your council tax banding or your tenancy type, you can choose to skip these questions, as you do not have to answer them. They will then show as “not known” when someone is viewing your advert.

Regarding date of birth, housing benefit status, and the people you live with: This information is collected and shared with your landlord only, so that they can tell you immediately if a home becomes available that meets your requirements. This could be a swap suggestion, or a home that you can move into straight away without swapping (landlords occasionally upload “Immediately available” properties on HomeSwapper).

Some properties have age restrictions, which is why the date of birth is required. This means that you are not matched with anything you are not eligible to apply for.

Your age, gender, and the age and gender of anyone else in your home are also needed so that Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) guidelines on bedroom entitlement are taken into account when the landlord suggests matches. There is an option for ‘prefer not to say’ for gender.

As above, this information is never made public. It is shared only with the landlord (if they are partnered with us) so they can help you find a move more quickly.