HomeSwapper: Find your perfect match

Search is such an important part of finding your new home – not making the most of the search function on HomeSwapper can be the biggest reason for a lack of matches. Check if you’re taking these simple steps as they can make all the difference!

Check areas with the amenities you need

When searching for homes, it might help to widen your search area a little. A home you could love may be just a little further away from areas you normally search in. Why not research other locations? Think of what is important to you – do you need good local schools? A quiet area with parks and playgrounds? Or is your priority being close to public transport? You can use our Amenities function to check all of this, broadening your search areas and therefore, finding more homes suited to your needs.

Filter out inactive users

We hate to see you disappointed when other swappers don’t reply to your messages. One way to try and avoid this is by filtering your search results by the time since other users’ last login. Whilst this won’t guarantee that all swappers will respond to you, it will help to ensure that you are at least seeing the homes of swappers who are active on our site. Look out for the reply badges too, which will help you to see how good swappers are at replying to messages.

Check the tenancy type

Checking the tenancy type of the home you want to swap into, as well as knowing your own is very important. When you swap homes, your tenancy type doesn’t move with you, so make checking this one of your priorities, as it can affect things in the future, like right to buy. Make sure you’re searching for the right tenancy type in the search function!

Know the eligibility requirements

Some homes have eligibility rules in place that you must meet in order to move in. Sometimes, these don’t come up until late in the process and as a result of that, we’ve seen swappers be really disappointed. Early in the process it’s a good idea to check if there are any restrictions around elements such as: age, mobility, the need for a local connection, or specific job requirements. It is possible to filter by these requirements, but if it’s not clear on the other swapper’s advert, just ask!

Remember – no home will tick all of your boxes

Many swappers are searching for a ‘dream home’ that ticks all their boxes. Whilst this can happen, the realistic chances of finding perfection will reduce your options a lot. When viewing other users’ adverts, think about what you need rather than what you want – what are your biggest priorities? Most of all, keep in mind a property’s potential! Once you’ve put your mark on it, you might just find that it is in fact that dream home you were searching for.