We brought in a new rule that encourages swappers to always reply to each other, even if it’s only to say ‘no thank you’. Now, if you have any messages that haven’t been replied to, access to your account will be restricted.

Any messages you need to reply to are now highlighted in red. Once you’ve replied to these you will have full access to your account again. If it seems like you do not have any unread (red) messages, you may need to check your deleted messages, restore them and reply to any you haven’t replied to.

You only need to reply once to an original message in a conversation. The person who sends the message does NOT then have to respond again. (Otherwise it would be never ending!) We have made these changes to accounts with messages which have not been replied to, based on feedback from many of our users to deal with timewasters. The decision was taken that all accounts with any unanswered messages would fall into this category.


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