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How do I cancel my FuturePay ongoing payment agreement?

If you wish to cancel your ongoing payments, just follow these steps:

  • Log in to HomeSwapper here
  • On the top menu, go to My Details then My Account
  • Move to the bottom of the menu and click on Cancel my Ongoing Payment
  • If you can’t see this option at the bottom of the menu, it’s because it has already been cancelled


My landlord won’t pay for me any more. What can I do?

If your landlord removes your free access to HomeSwapper, you can get full membership for as little as £2 a month with absolutely no hidden costs. Email us at the Helpdesk to see if there’s anything we can do to help you.

What does ongoing payment mean?

When you pay for full HomeSwapper membership, you have the choice between a one-off payment, or an ongoing payment setup, which means that payments will be taken to keep your account active until you tell us you want to stop payments.

At the bottom of the payment options page you’ll see the option for ongoing payments. If you choose to leave the box ticked, this will opt you into this agreement. Unfortunately we cannot refund any ongoing payment transactions. However, you can cancel your ongoing payment agreement at any time as there is no minimum contract period for this at all.

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