If you are not seeing many matches on the ‘Find a match’ page, we’d recommend:

1. Check the maximum rent amount in your settings – it may be set to a maximum of £150 per month for example, rather than per week.

2. You may need to change your ‘Features you need’ filters. To do this, you’ll need to go to ‘My details’ menu at the top of the screen and then click on the ‘The home I want’ section underneath. The more filters you choose, the fewer direct matches you’ll see. This is because HomeSwapper will try to find properties including ALL the filters you’ve chosen, not just one or two.

3. You may need to add or edit your chosen living locations. Having just the one location with a radius of under 3 miles will hugely reduce the amount of possible matches you’ll get, whereas if you choose multiple locations with more than a 3 mile radius, you should see a lot more.

4. Also think about the different types of search. If you are not getting many properties in the ‘Matches’ tab, try using the ‘All homes’ tab search. Once you have chosen ‘All homes, just click the purple ‘Search’ button again and you should see many more properties.


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