This is happening because on HomeSwapper, there are different search types. The default search is ‘Direct Swaps (Matches)’ and everything you will see in this search will be two-way swaps. This means that not only do they match your preferences, but the other person will be interested in your type of property and in your area as well. HomeSwapper will only ever email you about these two-way matches.

However there is also a search available called ‘All homes‘. This will only match what you want and because of this, it will allow you to browse many more search results. This means though, that other swappers outside of your preferences will be able to find your home using this search, and may contact you from time to time. This is not something that we can stop from happening, as it would mean removing the ‘All homes‘ search altogether, which is a very popular facility on HomeSwapper. Without the ‘All homes’ search, you would not be able to contact most swappers that appear in your preferred area(s).

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