Matches and MultiSwap questions

Matches and MultiSwap questions

Help you understand all about HomeSwapper MultiSwaps

What is a MultiSwap?

There are two types of MultiSwap chains:

  1. The first is a ‘pre-made’ chain of our suggested homes for you to view. You can create up to 9 different MultiSwap chains, with a maximum of 5 homes in each chain. All homes are randomly chosen based on ‘best matches’ for each user’s saved search preferences.
  2. The second is a ‘build your own‘ option, which is done by yourself or other swappers. You’ll need to find each link in the chain and there can be a maximum of 3 homes in a chain.

The chain is built so that the tenants in link 1 moves to link 2, link 2 moves to link 3, and link 3 moves to link 1.

Each tenant in the chain follows the details in a step-by-step guide at the top of the screen. This will tell the tenant who started the MultiSwap what to do next.

If there are any broken links in the chain, i.e. if link 3 doesn’t want to move to link 2, the option to ‘find home’ will appear along with the option to drag a property from the ‘suggested matches for this swap’.

To be part of a MultiSwap search you need to have done the following:

  • Go to ‘My details’
  • Click on the ‘About me’ page
  • Tick the box ‘Please tick this box if you are happy to participate in MultiSwaps’

This will let other swappers know that you are interested in MultiSwaps.


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How can I reset all the saved properties and ‘liked’ properties on my account?

The only way to remove ‘liked‘ properties and saved properties is one by one.

To ‘unlike‘ a home, simply click on ‘My Swaps‘ in the menu and select ‘Homes I Like‘, then on the home you want to remove, click on the ‘Don’t like‘ button.

To remove a saved search go to the ‘My Swaps‘ section again and click on the ‘Saved Homes‘ option from the drop down menu. Then click on the dustbin icon next to the home you want to remove.

A house has come up in a search as ‘no swap needed’. What does this mean?

This is a “void” property, which means that it is immediately available. These are uploaded by landlords and there should be a link in the message which will take you to the advert for that home. Here you should find instructions on how to bid for it (most landlords give a phone number and/or email address).

If this isn’t appearing any more, it could be because the home has been taken down. Some landlords will only advertise these for a very short space of time (in some cases less than a day).

For further information about one of these properties, you would need to contact the landlord in question directly.

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