General Swapping Advice

General Swapping Advice

Why downsizing might work for you

Every day on HomeSwapper we see users looking to swap for a property with a little more space, usually to accommodate a growing family. This means that there are always plenty of smaller properties available for swapping into. If downsizing [...]

Advice from our Customer Support Team

Our Customer Support Team hears from many of you each day and is always happy to answer your questions. We asked them about the most common questions they get from tenants and this is what they had to say – it [...]

Tips for a smooth move

So, you’ve found your swap and you’re moving house – congratulations! Once the checks have been made and the paperwork is signed you can begin your moving preparations. But where to start?? We understand that there isn’t usually a lot [...]

How to: Make Facebook work for you

Facebook is a great tool for reaching as many people as possible in a short space of time. People tend to check in on their Facebook account at least once a day, so if you want your voice [...]

Working with other swappers

Working well with other swappers is really important. They always say that teamwork is one of the keys to success. So how do you work with other swappers and get the most out of it for you and them? [...]

How to: Find your perfect match

Not using the search function on HomeSwapper can be the biggest reason for a lack of matches. Check if you're taking these simple steps.

Stay safe during home viewings

Your safety is very important to us at HomeSwapper, so we’d like to remind you that safety is something you should always bear in mind during a property viewing.It’s very unlikely that you will come across any trouble, but we’ve [...]

Refusing a swap: the law

We’ve all heard stories of tenants finding a swap, only to be let down at the last minute; even when a council or housing association approves a mutual exchange they can still fall through. When this happens at the last [...]

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