How HomeSwapper works

How HomeSwapper works

When to report another swapper

We can’t control the behaviour of others and on HomeSwapper we want to protect our users from negative contact as much as we can. Using the report button means we can take action for you and make sure that your [...]

Features you may not have seen: Customising location

This week we’re carrying on with our blog series letting you know about some of the clever tools within HomeSwapper, designed to make your HomeSwapper journey even easier. This time, we’ll be taking a look at… Quick Answer Dashboard > [...]

Features you may not have seen: Already messaged

Continuing our blog series highlighting some of the clever tools within HomeSwapper that you may not have used before, we’re taking a look this month at the… Already messaged function When you go to your Matches you’ll see a [...]

Features you may not have seen: Amenities tab

Last month we started our new blog series that highlighted some of the clever tools within HomeSwapper that you may not have used before. Each month we’ll be giving you our top pick of functions for you to start using [...]

SwapTracker: what does it mean for you?

Whether you’ve been on HomeSwapper for a little while, or you’re fairly new to swapping, you’ll know that using HomeSwapper, you’re able to take a look through other swappers’ adverts and eventually, find your swap. But what happens [...]

How to change locations

If you’ve changed your mind about the areas you’d like to live in, then don’t worry – we’re really flexible! Our simple guide will show you how you can update the locations you put in at the start, whether you want to add to them, delete [...]

HomeSwapper badges update

We asked our community of swappers for some advice on how we should think about changing the badges system to make HomeSwapper work better for them. We had a great response and some really helpful suggestions. Following this feedback, [...]

HomeSwapper in the run up to Christmas

The weather is getting chillier, Christmas presents are appearing in shop windows and it won’t be too long before the Christmas street lights start going up… the countdown to the 25th December is officially on! At this time of [...]

I’ve found a swap – what next?

You’ve found the swap you wanted after working with other swappers on HomeSwapper– congratulations! So, what happens next? We will show you some of the things you need to do in order to move into your new home. [...]

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